What the ‘Hex’ this?!?

Welcome to Kukri Hex Training.

Hex Training

Every so often a new training system breaks on to the scene and today I had the privilege of seeing the new Kukri Hex Training system first hand.  The guys at Hex Training Have been busy creating both a product and a process in order to develop movement skills based around agility, speed and quickness.

It seems that this is a step on from SAQ training, with their hexagonal hoops adding a new dimension to skill development.  There is also a flexibility to their ‘Learn, Apply & Enhance’ approach that allows coaches and trainers to play around with the equipment, in order to develop drills specifically for their own sports and players and at a pace that is individual to their performers.

So go check them out at the link at the top of the page, and look out for Hex Training workshops coming out in the near future.


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